Nail Care Tips

Nail Care Tips: An Essential Guide

There is nothing worse than having dry, flaky and broken nails. Although a lot of us suffer from this, there are still things we can do to help! As a Nail Tech & Beautician, I thought I would share with you some insights and top nail care tips for healthy nails all year round.

“Treat your nails like jewels, not tools!”

My Essential Guide: Nail Care Tips


  • Oiling your nails & creaming your hands

Cuticle oil is a fantastic product. To see best results you should use it twice a day. This will nourish and moisturise the cuticle, helping with flaky/split nails, broken cuticles, and any dry skin around the nail. Cuticle oil will strengthen your nails, which can help prevent your nail polish chipping off (Winning!). Β A common problem which is why I had to include this in my nail care tips. Another great way to keep nails and hands hydrated thoroughly moisturised and looking youthful is to regularly apply a nourishing hand cream. I would highly recommend purchasing a hand cream which contains SPF. The sun can damage the skin on your hands, which will encourage the signs of ageing. A wonderful hand and nail cream that I have found works a treat is Vichy Hand & Nail Cream SPF15. It contains SPF, smells incredible and ticks all the above boxes!

  • Using a base coat & top coat

The taxi is outside, you are looking amazing and you are ready to go. You look down at your nails and realise you’ve forgotten to paint them! No problem, you can just chuck a polish into your bag and paint them on the way (probably not as well as you’d hoped). Let’s be honest, the last thing on your mind is base coat and top coat as well, I hold my hands up, I’m guilty of this too. However, it is so important to take those extra few minutes to use them, using nail polish on naked nails can stain them, making them look very yellow! This is due to the ingredients in the polish creating a chemical reaction with your nails.

A lot of base coats now have added ingredients that can help strengthen and nourish your nails and protect the nails from discolouration. Not only will your top coat keep your polish looking super shiny, but it will make your manicure last longer. Less chipping and more fabulous glossy nails, happy days. Another essential, for my nail care tips.

  • Are you using a qualified manicurist?

Unfortunately, the industry is saturated with unqualified nail techs, and as a result of this people are having terrible treatments. If you are unsure, scan the salon to see if there is a displayed certificate or you can kindly ask your nail technician to show you. As a nail technician myself, I would never feel offended if someone needed that reassurance. Sadly, I have heard lots of horror stories, I’m sure you have too and unfortunately, this does put people off having their nails done. Quite often, bad treatments can lead to long-term damage to your nails. If you are using or can find a fully qualified professional manicurist, then you are in safe hands! Having your nails done should be a luxurious treat, with beautiful products and a fantastic end result.

  • Never pick off polish or nail extensions

Naughty, naughty… It can be very tempting… But once you start picking, you just can’t stop! I know, picking off nail varnishes and gel polishes can be weirdly satisfying, however, if you have been in that position, you know how awful and sore your nails feel afterward! Picking off nail polish, gel polish or nail extensions will damage your nail plate. Each time you do this you are pulling off multiple layers of your poor nails (sounds gross right?). Our nails will begin to split, flake and snap because they have become damaged and weak. Like I mentioned before, I know it’s tempting, but strong, healthy nails are goals!!

  • Keeping your hands and nails protected

In our everyday life, we all have a dreaded list of household chores! Our hands and nails come in contact with lots of cleaning products, water, and sometimes we have to get stuck into the garden too. It is an essential part of nail care to make sure when doing all of the above, we are wearing GLOVES! The chemicals in cleaning products can severely dry out our hands and especially our nails. Having our hands in water for too long can have a similar effect. This can encourage nail breaks, damaged manicures and brittle nails too! Lastly, keeping our hands and nails protected in the winter months will massively help with dry skin, so we need to be wearing gloves when we are out in the cold.

  • Maintaining a balanced diet

This is one of my most important nail care tips and is such a vital part of maintaining a good set of nails. Eating the right foods can play a huge part in our nail care. Nails absolutely love protein, in fact, the main structure of our nails is something called ‘Keratin’ which is an extremely strong protein. Therefore eating foods packed with protein will strengthen our nails. This is fantastic for someone who is prone to their nails breaking! Vitamins will also give our nails tons of goodness! Vitamins A, B and C contain lots of benefits, such as preventing our nails breaking or becoming thin and overall creating healthy strong nails.

Be creative and have fun!

Now you have all your nail care tips, it’s time to get creative. We are so lucky to have things like Youtube and Pinterest in our lives! There are tons and tons of nail tutorials and step by step guides on how to do nail art, or how to polish nails. Once upon a time, I have to say I was absolutely terrible at painting nails, and now I paint people’s nails every day! Practice makes perfect! I love the funky nail art kits you can purchase online to get creative at home. As if you needed another excuse to buy some more varnishes! You can find lots of amazing nail art bits and bobs at Boots, Argos and eBay too.

I hope this post has filled your mind with nail care tips and inspired you to keep your nails as healthy as can be! I’d love you to share your wonderful nail care tips down below in the comments! If you are having a super chilled pamper night, why not check out my blog post that is packed full of amazing hair oil treatments. Give your hair some TLC as well as your nails! Oils For Natural Hair – The Perfect Treatment.

Lots of Love…

Roxanne x

Nail Care Tips


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    Me and Ink
    March 31, 2018 at 4:23 pm

    I was just saying today that my nails need to be in better condition. This is really useful thank you.

    • Reply
      March 31, 2018 at 9:00 pm

      Ahhh brill, that was perfect timing then! I’m so glad this helped you hun, you’re welcome.

      Roxanne xx

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    April 5, 2018 at 9:25 pm

    I’ll definitley be using these tips – I need to use oil more often and I’ve already put hand cream by all my sinks. Now to stop picking….

    • Reply
      April 5, 2018 at 10:27 pm

      Awww I’m so glad it helped you hun. Yes, cuticle oil really helps and hand cream twice a day would be perfect!
      You can do it haha!!

      Roxanne xx

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