Formula 10.0.6 Review

Skincare Diaries: Formula 10.0.6 Review

Formula 10.0.6 Review –

As an avid skincare junkie, when I spy a new skincare product I haven’t tried before. I need it in my life. I had previously spotted Formula 10.0.6 in Boots numerous times, but I took into consideration the fact that my skincare drawer was/is about to combust. Maybe it was best to wait for the opportune moment to add Formula 10.0.6 to the La Familia.

Sometimes I need a sign, to know if I REALLY need another product in my life. To be honest, I can’t think of a better sign than a juicy email from the brand asking if I’d like to try the products. Erm, HELL YEAH I WOULD. I knew straight away, that if these products were good, you guys would be getting a Formula 10.0.6 review!

Formula 10.0.06

As you can imagine, I was pretty thrilled with this proposal. My combusting skincare drawer was just going to have to deal with it! “Make room guys, you’ve got some new friends to meet!” (If you don’t have images of me being Andy from Toy Story and my skincare products coming to life then we really aren’t on the same page here.)

Just kidding, that was me showing you a little too much of my crazy mind! ?

Let’s be honest, to make it into the skincare drawer, they have to pass the ultimate test. I mean, I’m not about to just let any old product in the drawer. There is a lot of criteria these products need to meet, it’s like a first date. They’ve gotta tick all the boxes you know?! After doing a little research, I had super high hopes as Formula 10.0.6 was developed way back in 1933 by a chemist. The products were sold exclusively by pharmacists and the brand has since grown from strength to strength. Formulating new products and giving the ingredients and packaging a modern revamp when necessary.  You can read all about the growth of Formula 10.0.6 on their website.

It is time to get down to the nitty-gritty.

As you guys will already know if you have read my previous skincare blog posts – How Acne Affected My Confidence & Essential Tips to Combatting Acne Prone Skin, I have a combination skin type. I’m majority oily with slight sensitivity at times and unfortunately, I get the odd breakout. With all of that in mind, Formula 10.0.6 sent me two products that they thought were best suited to my skin type.

So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser and Be Berry Fresh Balancing Mud Mask.

On first impressions, I loved the packaging. It is bright, clean, bold and a brilliant injection of colour for the skincare drawer! I also thought the products were great sizes, 200ml and 100ml. After reading the short descriptions on the front of the products, I was eager to try them and create my own opinion!

So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser 200ml.

Formula 10.0.6

So Totally Clean was the first ever product of the Formula 10.0.6 range! This product has a 2-in-1 action, working not only as a cleanser but a toner as well. (Two products for the price of one = bonus!) The So Totally Clean Cleanser is best used dispensed onto cotton wool pads and wiped across your skin to remove dirt, oil and any other impurities. It is not recommended to be used over the eyes… Embarrassing story alert – I can 100% vouch for this, as I accidentally used this to remove my eye makeup whilst drunk after a night out with the girls. Let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty guys. Don’t drink and skincare!! Take my word for it and avoid your eyes!! ?

The Verdict for My Formula 10.0.6 Review

After using this cleanser for a few weeks, I definitely noticed a difference in my skin. It appeared a lot clearer, I noticed fewer blackheads and it kept my breakouts to a minimum. This is a perfect product for me to swap in and out of my routine during my time of the month.  

Pros –

  • It immediately feels like it is detoxing your skin.
  • Noticeable blackhead reduction.
  • Great for keeping breakouts to a minimum.

Cons –

  • I would not recommend this for sensitive skin.
  • If you have acne that is inflamed and sore, this product isn’t for you.

The So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser retails on the Beauty Bay website for £7.50.

Formula 10.0.6

Be Berry Fresh Balancing Mud Mask 100ml.

Formula 10.0.6

The Be Berry Fresh Balancing Mud Mask is packed with two amazing ingredients, Bilberry and Neroli. Bilberries have powerful antioxidant properties which make them the perfect ingredient for skincare products. Bilberries also benefit the skin by giving ultimate hydration and rejuvenation. Sounds amazing right? Neroli is an essential oil, created from the blossom of an orange tree. This oil is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic which again makes it a perfect candidate for acne prone skin or general breakouts! I would recommend using this mask 1/2 times per week.

The Verdict for My Formula 10.0.6 Review

After using this mask once, I could feel and see visible results. My skin was glowing and I felt like my skin had just had a huge detox! When I applied this all over my face, I felt some slight tingling on my cheeks but I do have sensitive cheeks so I wouldn’t use it on that area again.

TBK TIP: If you only have a few problems areas with breakouts or blackheads, just apply the mask in your problem area, not over your whole face.

Pros –

  • The Bilberry ingredient makes your skin feel super hydrated after just one use.
  • Neroli is an antioxidant which detoxifies. Perfect for acne prone skin or general breakouts.
  • Helps to heal and dry up breakouts.

Cons –

  • Mud masks can be very messy to apply.
  • Difficult to remove if you usually use sheet masks/peel off masks.

The Be Berry Balancing Mud Mask retails on the Asos website for £7.50.

Formula 10.0.6

If you guys have been eyeing up these products, I hope my Formula 10.0.6 review has helped you. Hopefully, you and these products will be a match made in heaven and you can start calling me Cupid?!

I would actually love it if you called me the Cupid of skincare, that would be my life goals right there haha!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any more questions about the Formula 10.0.6 products or just drop me a comment if you’d like a chat. As you have probably gathered by now, I love a good natter! Speak soon x

Lots of Love…

Roxanne x

Formula 10.0.6 Review

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    Kayla Arnold
    April 4, 2018 at 10:06 am

    I love this brand so much! I’ve been using So Totally Clean for over 10 years now! They have a green version of it for sensitive skin that my husband uses and loves!

    • Reply
      April 4, 2018 at 10:16 pm

      Wow that’s amazing! I’m excited to buy a few more bits from their collection. Maybe I’ll try the green one, as I get sensitive skin sometimes! Thanks for telling me about that hun.

      Roxanne xx

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