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A Beauty Bloggers Dream: Glossybox May 2018

I’d like to introduce a wonderful little friend of mine the GlossyBox May 2018 subscription box. More importantly, this month’s special edition – The Day Dreamer Box. It literally is a dream, I mean, look at the packaging.

The beauty industry is pretty jam-packed with makeup, skincare products, body creams, hair oils, the list is endless. It is difficult to keep up with all the snazzy new products launching every day and new brands bouncing into the beauty world. I absolutely love treating myself to make up bits and skincare, but I’m not going to lie, I sometimes feel a little guilty. Should I be spending my money elsewhere? Another thing I find is that, if I want to try a new brand or product, I always do a little research, read some reviews etc. But opinions are varied for a reason, we don’t all like the same things. So if I spend £40 on a moisturiser that comes in a 500ml bottle and I don’t like it? I feel kind of miffed.

More often than not, I think it’s a little risky picking up that gorgeous mascara from a new brand that I’ve never heard of. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for trying new things, but if you’re on a budget and have more ‘adult’ things that need paying, you are more likely to step away and not take those risks. If only there was a way to try smaller versions of these products, be introduced to brands you’ve never heard of or maybe have always wanted to try. Well, TA-DA. Look no further because Roxanne has the answers to all of the above for just….. wait for it…. £10. *gasps*

Glossybox May 2018 – The Daydreamer Box


GlossyBox is a monthly subscription box for just £10 a month. You can either sign up for monthly boxes and let that continuously roll over. Or you have the option to subscribe for three months, six months or twelve months at discounted prices. Five gorgeous beauty products will be delivered to your door every month. Featuring anything from brand new products to old favourites. As I mentioned above, I love trying new brands, with this lovely box arriving every month, it is the PERFECT way to discover new brands you may not have tried before.

It is also a fantastic way to try products you’ve always wanted or maybe products you would have never picked up and fallen in love with! Can you tell I’m super excited about this? I think these boxes are a brilliant invention. I made a comment earlier about feeling guilty when splashing out on products sometimes. But if you’re spending just £10 a month and getting five products, there is nothing to feel guilty about. Maybe you skip your morning coffee once a week and enjoy these beauty treats instead!

Treating Yourself To A Monthly Beauty Box Subscription with Glossy!

As human beings, I think we are often too hard on ourselves. Life can be fast paced and the hustle and bustle can easily take over. I’m a firm believer that it’s so important to treat yourself, those little highs can really make a big difference during a busy week. When was the last time you really treated yourself? And I don’t just mean running yourself a bubble bath. You deserve to spoil yourself. This little delivery really put a smile on my face. The little rush of excitement when you uncover the gorgeous packaging, to find out what’s in store. I mean, we ALL love parcels, and I feel like Glossybox take the experience to a new level.

The packaging is cute and the products are thoughtfully selected and themed. The most important thing is that the value of the products are over and above the £10 subscription, which makes this little investment of SELF LOVE worth every penny.

A little treat at your door that is just for you! This month’s box was themed all around relaxation and pampering. Pamper nights in my house certainly don’t come around as often as I would like, so it was lovely to have the perfect excuse to get out some of my own products accompanied by these Glossy goodies, and indulge.

There are over 1 million ‘Glossies’ subscribed now which is an insane amount and I’m thrilled to see the success the company has had over the years. This growth inevitably gives access to more brands at more affordable prices and you can really tell, with the quality and volume of products in comparison to other subscription boxes.


Products included in the GlossyBox May 2018 Special Edition Daydreamer Box

  • Just For Feet – Luxury Jelly Foot Soak
  • Maria Nila – True Soft Shampoo
  • Maria Nila – True Soft Conditioner
  • Trifle Cosmetics – Praline Eyeshadow Palette
  • Kueshi – Facial Makeup Remover
  • (An extra treat) Earl Grey or Sleep Camomile Tea

I was going to write a full review on all of these products but I thought it would be more fun to just review a couple. Then it won’t completely spoil this box for you guys if you’d like to grab one for yourself. Of course, the eyeshadow palette queen (that’s me, by the way, haha) will review the palette!

Trifle Cosmetics Praline Eyeshadow Palette

I was thrilled to discover an eyeshadow palette in this edition of GlossyBox! Especially because it is from a brand I have heard lots about but have never tried. At first glance, I was excited about the six shades as they are not really something I would usually go for. I swatched some of these gorgeous metallic shades for you guys over on my Instagram story and they looked BEAUTIFUL.

Two things I would say were a little disappointing, one being the eyeshadow brush in the palette. I’m not a huge fan of the sponge brushes and would never reach for that. (but for approximately £2 for the palette in this box, it would be absurd to moan). Secondly, when I swatched the shadows with my fingers onto the back of my hand they had such strong pigment and colour pay off. But when I went in with my regular eyeshadow brush, I had to work quite hard for the same effect.

I reached for some Fixing spray and spritzed my brush and that did the trick, I also applied a little with my finger too. Those two points aside, I think the palette is lovely. These shades are perfect for me and I would have never reached for them previously. However, since having this delivery I have loved experimenting with these new shades. Which is one of the reasons I love subscription boxes. It puts the fun back into beauty, trying new things and breaking the everyday mould. The packaging is great as it is very small so it’s a perfect handbag palette! It’s also 100% vegan for all my vegan babes out there.

Maria Nila True Soft Shampoo & Conditioner

The Glossybox May 2018 Daydreamer edition surprises with another brand I have never tried before, eeek! Exciting. After doing a little research on this brand, I am pretty blown away. The message they are imprinting is absolutely fantastic and I’d recommend you all to read their ‘About‘ page. This brand is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and sulphate and paraben free. Certified by three independent organizations, PETA, Leaping Bunny and The Vegan Society. Every time you buy a Maria Nila product, you contribute to the planting of new trees in South America. How amazing is that?! Reading all of their information genuinely made me smile. The products are absolutely gorgeous, you can see that a lot of love has gone into creating this duo. The shampoo and conditioner are perfect for me as it reduces frizz, moisturisers and strengthens hair and encourages super shiny locks.

-100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

-Contains Softening Argan Oil.

-Colour Guard Complex.

-Produced in Sweden.

-Frizz Fighting Ingredients.


Limited Edition Daydreamer Glossybox May 2018

Personally, I absolutely adore this box from GlossyBox. As far as first experiences go, this one was fantastic. I have tried beauty box subscriptions before and enjoy them but there is something really special about GlossyBox. From the packaging to the little note included inside, to the brands they pick and the products you are surprised with. The whole experience feels really unique and luxurious. I’m really impressed with the brands and products I have tried. My favourite thing about this has been discovering a wonderful new brand – Maria Nila. I will definitely be purchasing more haircare items from them, wonderful products and an amazing message behind the brand.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post all about the GlossyBox May 2018 Daydreamer edition. For just £10, you really are getting something fabulous….. But hang on I’m forgetting something, aha.. saving the best news til last. The guys at Glossybox have provided a discount code for my readers. WINNING!

You guys can use this meaning you get the monthly GlossyBox subscription for around £8. £2 off their usual retail price. Put yo’ hands up, this is a raid!!!

You can grab yourself a beautiful box here -> GlossyBox Subscription using the code ‘KINGDOM15’  at check out for your 15% off.


Just a quick side note, you can cancel your subscription at any time free of charge, there are no catches included. So if you wanted to cancel after one box, it’s super easy. Did any of you get the Glossybox May 2018 goodies delivered? I’d love to hear what you guys think of this box and the stunning products included. Do you like the idea of an affordable monthly beauty box? Will you be treating yourself? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading as always guys. If you’d like to read more posts about taking care of yourself and pampering, I think you’d my post all about gorgeous hair treatments, read it here.

Lots of Love…

Roxanne x

Glossybox May 2018 Beauty Kingdom

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    May 14, 2018 at 9:35 pm

    That eyeshadow palette is stunning. I love the idea of beauty boxes and often i’ll discover new brands x

    • Reply
      May 14, 2018 at 10:41 pm

      It is lovely, isn’t it? The shades aren’t ones I would usually use but I’m really enjoying adding them into my makeup routine! Yes me too, I have found so many new brands through beauty boxes, GlossyBox is definitely my fave for the brands they choose.

      Roxanne xx

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