Winky Lux Beautiful Lip Products

Winky Lux – The Most Beautiful Lip Products!

If you had told me ten years ago that I’d be using a lip balm that has a real chrysanthemum flower inside, I would have called you crazy. I’m such a girly girl that this combination of makeup and flowers is literally a dream come true! Let’s be honest, these are probably the most beautiful lip products you have ever seen. From the cute flowers to the gorgeous creative packaging, Winky Lux is every beauty lovers dream.

When Winky Lux launched their ‘Flower Balm Jelly Lip Stain‘ the internet went crazy! I can remember scrolling through my timeline on Twitter and the question on everyone’s mind was “is that a real flower and if so, what is this sorcery?!” Amongst all of the confusion and questions, we all knew that whatever the answers were, it was unique, it was new and it was exactly what the makeup industry needed. I know it might sound dramatic to some of you, but it is product launches like this one, that go down in beauty history. How many people can remember exactly where they were when a certain product took the internet by storm?

The interesting part for me was, I have never heard of Winky Lux before. Usually, when something blows up that big, it’s a huge brand that already has tonnes of exposure. People say that the flower balm is what made Winky Lux so famous. The brand launched in 2015, working from their pretty pink office in Manhattan and since then they have become extremely successful. Well known for their beautiful lip products, they also have a gorgeous skincare collection and makeup bits too!

Winky Lux Beautiful Lip Products

The beautiful lip products in my collection…

Flower Balm Jelly Lip Stain

I’m not going to lie when I first set eyes on this, I thought it could possibly be one of those gimmick products that looks amazing but actually doesn’t benefit your lips at all. Gladly, I realised I was mistaken after receiving the product and finally using it for myself.

The most popular of all the Winky Lux products, this lip balm applies clear and then combines with your lips natural pH levels to create the perfect uniquely “you” shade of pink every time. Incredible right?! I have never come across a product like this before. I love how natural and unique it is. It has a tasty coconut scent making it almost… almost… good enough to eat! The Flower Balm Jelly Lip Stain retails at just £10.89.

Watermelon Jelly Balm

I’m completely and utterly obsessed with this packaging. It is SO cute and I would literally buy it just for that reason haha! Similar to the Flower Balm, this also has pH-activated ingredients leaving your lips looking perfectly pink. Packed with watermelon, this balm is super hydrating and again, has a gorgeous scent. The Watermelon Jelly Balm also retails on the Winky Lux website for £10.89.

Winky Lux Beautiful Lip Products


Matcha Lip BalmWinky Lux Beautiful Lip Products

This gorgeous green lip balm is made with real green tea powder, vanilla, coconut and avocado oil. Basically all the good stuff! This lip balm helps to soften, repair and protect your lips with the powerful blend of ingredients. Although it is a stunning green colour, this lip balm applies clear and keeps your lips hydrated all day long!


?Green Tea Powder – natural caffeine stimulates collagen production for baby soft lips.

?Coconut Oil – a naturally antibacterial emollient that provides a protective moisture barrier while it nourishes.

?Avocado Oil – vitamin-packed, super food with long-lasting power.

?Vitamin C – a super-healing ingredient that helps repair dry, chapped lips.

?Food-Grade Vanilla – smells like a snack, no chemical aftertaste.

The Winky Lux Lipglosses

Two very beautiful lipglosses – Disco Gloss in the shade ‘Foxy’ and The Pucker Up Plumping Gloss. Foxy is a Disco Kitten Gloss which is packed full of glitter! Another product that goes on clear and turns into the perfect sparkly pink for your lips. It retails at the same price as the other previously mentioned lip balms. The plumping lipgloss is one of my favourite lipglosses. “Consider it a lip injection in a bottle. With one swipe, lips will tingle with plumpness and shimmer with shine.” It has a gorgeous lemon flavour to it which again, is good enough to eat. Another fab thing about this gloss is that along with all of the beautiful lip products – It is Cruelty-Free ? and Paraben Free ?.

I hope you guys are as obsessed with these beautiful lip products as I am! Isn’t the packaging to die for?! All of those colours and patterns, so gorgeous! You can grab all of these beauties from the Winky Lux website. If you love reading all about makeup, you’ve come to the right place! You can read all of my Makeup Blog Posts and get lots of inspiration for new products that you need in your life. Until next time lovelies…

Lots of Love…

Roxanne x

Winky Lux Beautiful Lip Products

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    Danielle Alexa
    September 12, 2018 at 6:01 pm

    So many lovely products here!

    Danielle xx

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      September 13, 2018 at 11:40 pm

      Aren’t they just beautiful? I have never seen products this gorgeous and creative! A flower inside a lip balm is genius haha!

      Roxanne x

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