Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel

Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel Review

The world of skincare can be pretty daunting and confusing at times. Which products should you invest in? What products work for your skin type? There are millions of ingredients that do all sorts of magical things. During my skincare journey, I have learnt lots of valuable lessons and found some pretty incredible products along the way. Today, I wanted to share with you the Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel. A professional grade at home peel that has just hit the skincare shelves!

Before I start to tell you all the juicy gossip on this new product, I wanted to fill you in on why everyone can benefit from peels and how they can have a huge effect on our skin. First things first, it is super important that you guys know what ‘cell turnover’ is, otherwise this isn’t going to make much sense!

Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel

What is Cell Turnover?

Cell turnover is the process of our skin producing new skin cells which travel from the lowest layer of the skin to the top layer and then shed off the skin. 

As we age, our cell turnover rates slow down, meaning our skin loses its natural radiance and resilience. It takes approximately 20 days for cells to turnover in younger to middle-aged adults and often takes 30 days or more for older adults. Dull dead skin cells sit on the surface of our skin and along with collagen and elasticity decreasing, and environmental damage, our skin starts to look lacklustre. Eventually leading to uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles.

For years and years, professional grade peels have been the ‘go to’ treatment for combatting these signs of ageing. Although rather pricey, these peels are proven to be incredible for our skin and of course, boost our cell turnover. Medium to deep grade peels should only be applied by a medical professional or skin therapist to prevent harm to your skin. But lighter grade peels are now available for at-home use. Which is fab for us!!

So this brings us back to the Rapid Reveal Peel by Dermalogica, the highest strength exfoliant in the Dermalogica retail line. This light peel is incredibly effective, and it also helps with what we have been previously talking about, the all-important cell turnover. This peel activates our cell turnover to reveal radiant skin under all of the nasty bits we have peeled away.

“Clinically proven to enhance radiance and visibly reduce fine lines.”

In a clinical study on people between 35-65 years old, the Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel was shown to enhance skins radiance after just five days, and visibly reduce fine lines after just eight weeks.

Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel Key Benefits and Ingredients…

This peel has absolutely no ‘downtime’ meaning, your skin will be completely fine to go about your normal day because of the fantastic ingredients inside. No redness, no pain, no peeling. It kick-starts cell turnover and cell renewal to reveal newer and firmer skin. It brightens the skin for a more radiant complexion and flawless even skin tone. The peel also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Peels work by using ingredients such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) and enzymes to exfoliate the skin instead of physical granules which we are most commonly used to. This unique complex of AHA’s and Lactic Acid removes our dead skin cells without causing dehydration. Austrailian Caviar Lime Extract works to brighten and smooth our skin texture. Phytic Acid from Rice Bran and Pumpkin Fruit Enzyme increase cell turnover and also brighten the skin. Fermented Plant Enzymes help to resurface our skin and accelerate cell turnover.

Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel

How do I use the Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel?

Dermalogica recommends starting off by using the Rapid Reveal Peel every day for three days. (one tube per day). After the third day, continue by using one Rapid Reveal Peel tube every week.

Application –

  • Thoroughly cleanse your skin.
  • Twist to open the applicator plug and dispense the product into your hands.
  • Lightly massage over your face, neck and chest if you wish. Avoid your eyes! Allow the peel to activate for 3-7 minutes. You may experience some slight tingling. (I did feel the tingle but it was perfectly comfortable)
  • Rinse thoroughly with cold water or wipe off with a damp towel.
  • Highly recommended for evening use.

TBK Tip: Always use SPF on your skin, daily! Especially when using strong exfoliators like this one.

Will my skin visibly peel from using the Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel?

Your skin should not visibly shed. You will see a noticeable difference in your skin texture after using it for the first 3 days. You may feel a tingly sensation when the product is applied but it should never feel uncomfortable. It isn’t a scary process at all.

How would the Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel fit into my skincare routine?

The Dermalogica peel is recommended to be used as part of your evening skincare routine. You should use this product after cleansing your skin. You would not need to use any other exfoliating products on the same day. Once you are using one tube a week, you may use other light exfoliators if you feel you need to, however, be careful not to over exfoliate your skin and make it sensitive!

Which skin conditions would benefit from using the Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel?

Anyone who has concerns with ageing skin, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, fine lines or wrinkles would be the perfect candidates for the peel. If you have acne scarring, uneven skin tone and excessive dryness, this would also be perfect for you.

Dermalogica Rapid Reveal PeelThe Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel retails for £79.00 but you can grab yourself a decent offer and get it for £71.10 from -> Look Fantastic.

For this price, you will be getting 10 peels so that is just £7.10 for an ‘at home peel’. Which is pretty affordable for everyone. The 10 peels are enclosed inside a cute black case.

I have been using Dermalogica products for over seven years now and I honestly think this is their most exciting launch yet! The thought of a skin ‘peel’ can be quite scary but as soon as Dermalogica launched their own, I couldn’t have been happier. I trust the brand 100% and would never worry about putting any of their products on my skin.

I have used the peel for three evenings in a row now, as part of my ‘kick start’ routine. I’m excited to see the results on my skin after using all 10 tubes over the weeks to come. Already my skin looks and feels fantastic. My skin tone is definitely improving and I can see that my skin is much more hydrated as my pores appear smaller today! (Bonus)

Did you enjoy hearing all the ins and out of the new Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel? If you’d like to know more about The Importance of Exfoliating Your Skin, I have a fabulous post packed with more information. As always, you can ask me any questions in the comment below or come and say hi on Twitter.

Lots of Love…

Roxanne x

Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel

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