Mascara For Short Lashes

Finding The Best Mascara For Short Lashes

A trend that will never go out of fashion is beautifully long lashes with as much volume as possible! There are so many different mascaras on the market promising amazing things but some don’t always deliver. A challenge that I have had over the last few years is finding the best mascara for short lashes. To be honest, I think I’ve completed it with flying colours because I’ve found not one, not two but THREE!

Everyone has their own personal preference with makeup but when it comes to my mascara, I like it to give my lashes volume, but I’m definitely not a fan of clumpy lashes. A brush that separates the lashes is key. Also, a good lift too to give my lashes more of a curl and also the most important part, lots more length! Other boxes that I wanted to tick whilst finding the best mascara for short lashes were:

  • No smudging underneath my eyes or onto my eyelids.
  • Easy to remove without crazy panda eyes.
  • An amazing applicator that lifts lashes but also is perfect for those little bottom lashes too.
  • A mascara that doesn’t dry out in the tube after you’ve used it a few times!

Finding The Best Mascara For Short Lashes

Instead of boring you with all of the mascaras that didn’t work out for me, I’ll just tell you about the three incredible ones I found. There really is something for everyone in this trio. Budget wise, different brushes and although they are all amazing, they all offer slightly different results. I’ve got all of you girls covered! ?

Yves Saint Laurent Luxurious Mascara for False Lash Effect

Mascara For Short Lashes


Let’s start with the most expensive of the three and the one I’ve been trying for a few months now. This YSL Mascara has the most beautiful gold packaging, finished off with the YSL logo engraved onto the tube. It feels luxurious just holding it in your hands. The nylon brush is sleek and flexible which creates fullness and definition for a fluttery, eye-catching finish. This Mascara has a signature ‘triple-film complex’ in the formula. This means it has a coating film which creates intense volume. A conditioning film for lifting and finally a fixing film for long-lasting results. The YSL mascara also has four oils in the formula which work to strengthen your lashes and reduce breakage.

It’s not a waterproof mascara but it is definitely durable. Perfect for everyday makeup and evening glam too. It removes easily with a standard oil-based eye makeup remover. Retail price £26.00.



Don’t forget your mascaras do expire! You can read my Makeup Expiration Dates blog post to find out how long you should keep them for.

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast HD Mascara High Definition Collagen Coat

Probably the third or fourth time I have spoken about this mascara on my blog now. It is without a doubt the best drugstore mascara on the market in my opinion. Soap & Glory’s 7-sided fan brush has a V-groove which helps achieve incredible volume and intensity. The way this brush was created makes it effortless to curl the lashes and give length, definition and volume easily. The formula features strength-building collagen. My favourite thing abo0ut this mascara is how easily it separates the lashes without clumping. It removes so easily which is amazing as it doesn’t budge all day! Soap & Glory promises no flake, 24 hours all day wear and believes me, it delivers! Retails at Boots for £10.99, BARGAIN! I have inserted some before and after pictures below of me wearing this mascara.

Mascara For Short Lashes

Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara Waterproof

A brand I had never heard of or tried before until it was hiding inside my July GlossyBox. Unbelievably this mascara is £2.80 from Wilkinsons. How crazy is that? So it is perfect for anyone on a budget. A waterproof mascara which is promised by Essence to be durable during sports and even swimming. The brush for this mascara is huge which I’m not usually a fan of, but it works through my lashes perfectly. Ultra-black pigments cover each individual lash and the extra large brush offers plenty of volume. I think everyone needs a waterproof mascara in their makeup bag. Slightly more difficult to remove which you can expect with a waterproof mascara but it lasts amazingly throughout the day!

Three incredible mascaras ranging from £2.80-£26, that is a real mixture but I think I have definitely found something for everyone. I hope you have enjoyed reading my challenge to finding the best mascara for short lashes. I’m so glad I found a handful that ticks all the boxes I previously mentioned. These are actually all sitting in my makeup bag right now! What is your favourite mascara? Do you struggle to find one that doesn’t leave you with black smudges running down your face? Give one of these beauties a try and I’m sure all of those problems will be solved for you.

Have an absolutely lovely day/evening wherever you are in the world and we will catch up next week!

Lots of Love…

Roxanne x

Mascara For Short Lashes

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