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Hair isn’t called the ‘crowning glory’ for nothing. Nothing indicates the health of a person so much as the appearance of their hair. But it’s also one of the most stressful and perplexing aspects of beauty – nobody who’s had a ‘bad hair day’ is in any doubt of how important hair is to our overall wellbeing and self-confidence. Here in the Beauty Kingdom I recognise the role that haircare plays in boosting our self-esteem. I love to blog about some of the best-kept secrets of haircare, from products that improve hair condition and manageability through to the hacks and tips that your hairdresser uses to give you that salon look – so that you can achieve it at home.


Hair is also versatile – changing our hairstyle can change our look and even a temporary alteration to our usual ‘do’ can earn us a lot of compliments. So how do we ensure our hair is looking its best? There are a range of routes we can take to optimum hair health, from changing our diets and taking supplements through to learning the tricks of the blow-dry through to understanding how our daily hair habits might actually be getting in the way of us having the hair of our dreams. I’m here to help you discover what will make every day a good hair day, whether you have coloured or treated hair, natural locks, or even if you’re wrestling with ageing hair and how its needs change as we change.