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Makeup is my passion, and a large part of The Beauty Kingdom is devoted to exploring the amazing world of make-up and cosmetics.


One of the great joys of working as a beautician is that I get to play around with a wonderful array of cosmetics and tools every day – and I’d like to share some of that pleasure with you. Of course, as a beauty blogger, I also have the opportunity to try out many new products and one of the things I’m most excited about is being able to give you the low-down on some sensational new products that you can then try out for yourselves.


Makeup is an ever-changing field, and new ideas, products and concepts come onto the market every day … it can bewildering to wander along the shelves of a chemist or drugstore and try to work out which make-up would be best for your skin, which cosmetics will give you the contouring results you’ve seen on Instagram, what makeup brushes you need to master the flawless look your favourite celebrity seems to pull off so effortlessly.  So to keep makeup fun rather than frustrating, I’m here to tell you what’s hot in the market, review new product launches and offer detailed tips on how to choose and apply makeup, whether it’s for an everyday look or the kind of special occasion that means we really need to look our best.


So welcome to The Beauty Kingdom, let’s get started on our journey through the wonderful world of makeup!