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Welcome to the Beauty Kingdom posts where I’m exploring all things related to nails and nail-care.


For many women their mani-pedi is the barometer of their appearance. We’ve all heard jokes about women who act as if a chipped nail is the end of the world, but I completely understand that feeling – it’s important that we feel good about this aspect of ourselves. But why?


There are two reasons:


  • Nails are one of the easiest aspects of beauty to control – we can change the colour or shape of our nails in a few minutes, and if we don’t like those changes we can revert back to our original look without any difficulty and at a limited cost.
  • Nail-care is also one of the simplest elements of beauty know-how to master, it’s a self-care regime that many women develop very early in their lives and continue to practise, so it’s central to the way we think about ourselves and how we’re doing. ‘Me time’, for many of us, involves a manicure or pedicure.


Here at the Beauty Kingdom I offer tips and ‘how to’ blogs that reveal how beauticians and cosmeticians achieve perfect nails as well as show you how to care for hands and nails so that they always look good. From seasonal manicures through to how to deal with problems such as flaky or weak nails and sun damage, from diet tips to product reviews, I hope to offer you insider information that allows you to have nails you can be proud of.